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year of flowers - 508 Franklin St 7/13
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sunday@franklin st. baltimore
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…a creative act is different than other kinds of work because it can be synergetic; creative attention might serve two purposes at once. Its energy is more fluid and easily assigned multiple tasks. This is what I think defines quality time in the studio. I’m always dedicating my work to the person or time which I’m trying to see by creating these images. I like to think of my painting as a type of scrying in which there always comes a point when I see something unexpected, either something that I recognize or something totally new, and then that helps me come, and then its over. What is left could be described as a closed portal or frozen over pool that is no longer active. Though I often feel like I’m just stirring around in the sand with a stick trying to conjure a vision, I really only feel good when I’m doing it.
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ink on coated paper
8.5 x 11 inches
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