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…a creative act is different than other kinds of work because it can be synergetic; creative attention might serve two purposes at once. Its energy is more fluid and easily assigned multiple tasks. This is what I think defines quality time in the studio. I’m always dedicating my work to the person or time which I’m trying to see by creating these images. I like to think of my painting as a type of scrying in which there always comes a point when I see something unexpected, either something that I recognize or something totally new, and then that helps me come, and then its over. What is left could be described as a closed portal or frozen over pool that is no longer active. Though I often feel like I’m just stirring around in the sand with a stick trying to conjure a vision, I really only feel good when I’m doing it.
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ink on coated paper
8.5 x 11 inches
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Thursday Feb. 6th, 7:30pm
Holtzman Gallery, Towson University
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 Face the direction of the first triangulation point 

 Then face the direction of the second
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please me
acrylic on canvas
96” x 355”
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Working out a pain


COME: 1.11.2014 

plete guide to acrylic painti
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Martos Gallery
540 west 29th st. nyc
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'At this moment you should be with us, feeling like we do, like we love to, but never will again'

Elspeth Walker, David Armacost, Nikholis Planck
Jan 9 – 11
Reception: January 11, 7:30-10:30PM
TEMP Art Space
47  57 Walker St NYC

Elspeth Walker, David Armacost and Nikholis Planck present a three-day residency to inaugurate TEMP’s new location at 47 Walker Street. For this exhibition, the artists have created a series of diverse and ambitious projects in which private work is writ large. The artists offer a glimpse into their three hermetically sealed personal practices and also come together in a series of collaborations to form a network of energetic links. Armacost, Walker and Planck conjure a durational (never-ending) practice, perform private rituals live and in public, and describe the mythology of their friendship through installation and live action. The space is transformed into a fortress where the viewer is moved beyond contemplation and the environment is charged with potential for participation and psychic exchange.

The exhibition will be on view for three days, culminating in a three-hour gathering on the night of January 11th. Performances during the evening will include Nikholis Planck’s faux-directorial debut, a group show within a group show, Walker’s newest participatory tent performance, and the exploitation of certain adjacent artists to help fuel the myths…*

*Supporting cast: Mehron Abdollmohammadi, Jordan Bernier, Nick Mason, Graham Hamilton, Dan Herschlein, and Chloe Maratta. 
“working in the service of these highly personal mythologies - and the mythologies of our relationships to each other - singular and grandiose as they might be - in being highly specific and singular they might feel as special to others as they do to us…”
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January 9. - 11. MMXIV
47 Walker st.
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